Mommy & Son photoshoot Divibeach Aruba.

Divibeach Aruba is a beautifull beach in Aruba, this photoshoot took place just at an unexpected part of the divibeach just outside the tourist area. This is one of my favorite parts to shoot because it is a quiet area with lots of palm trees, rocks and sandy beach possibilities it even has a abandonded tenniscourt that makes a great place to get some urban feel images to your shoot. But if you are looking for a remote place to take your familypicture without lots of tourists in the background this is the place to be. Divibeach has lots of white sand and a long wide beach area so if you would like to do a session similar to this one at this location don’t hesitate to contact us through our contact form.

It is such a blessing to photograph in Aruba. We recently visited Aruba again in between flights and this time we got arround to shoot some family photo’s and we super enjoyed photographing this little guy. We know from the last time that we photographed his moms pregnancy session that she was such a photogenic person that we knew that this little boy must had this genes passed through and that he would be so cool to photograph them. We definitly like to photograph little kids. They are super honest, sweet and a Delight to photograph. And this cutie was such a little man already. He wanted to see and expierence all together with mommy ofcourse. They look a like don’t you think? Both beautifull eyes and a playfull caracter. But the one thing he did not like was to stand or sit alone because of the vulcanic ground under his feet, (can’t blame him) Aruba is build on vulcanic ground that without flipflops or shoes can feel a little hard and tickily under your feet so everytime we tried to put him on the ground he wasn’t having it all all and wanted to be picked-up. So we decided to walk over to take some photo’s at the beach as this feeling was probably familiar for him so we had to chance to take some images of him alone. We are looking forward to seeing this guy grow up and walk arround next year!