This wedding took place on a beautifull bay at one of the many lovely beaches in Aruba.
It was a perfect day, Sunny, sometimes overcast but overal a perfect setting for a beach wedding in Aruba.

The day started with the getting ready shots. And these where taken in an old cunucu. A traditional style house to the Aruban culture most of the time painted in bright colours. At the same time we where at the grooms place and at the brides place to capture the beginnings. The weddingcouple booked us both to capture photo and video of the day.

They celebrated their wedding with all of there family and friends who flew to Aruba for this special occasion. They choose to see each other at the alter for the first time. We always encourage this because it really makes for a special moment. The flowerwork was stunning and those bright colors really popped on the white sand that Aruba is famous for. After the exhange of the rings they went by bus to the supriselocation for their reception. They use the Lady Black pirateship to cut the cake and make a toast until the sunset.

After the reception it was time for diner at the poolside of the cunucu and afterwards the band Tsunami was really hitting it of with great carribean vibes. They danced all night and the open bar hosted by the little one Aruba the crowd got wild and ended up having a poolparty. Offcourse this was a great way to end the night!

Are you having a wedding in Aruba (maybe not as wild as this one) and looking for photo and video to cover? Then lets talk!

Part 2 of the wedding in Aruba was all about the trash the dress. It was so much fun because we did something totally diffrent by going to the rough side of the Island instead of the white sandy tropical beaches. We wanted to do something out of the ordinary and that is just who we are… we want to make the most out of it and have some awesome images to show our clients. So we went to the National park Arikok and visited a hidden cave, took some great images on deserted dessert like places and did a bold move by ending in the water! This couple was up for it al and we loved it!

So just an idea, if you are already married, and go for your honeymoon to Aruba, bring your weddingdress and do something crazy!

Mommy & Son photoshoot Divibeach Aruba.

Divibeach Aruba is a beautifull beach in Aruba, this photoshoot took place just at an unexpected part of the divibeach just outside the tourist area. This is one of my favorite parts to shoot because it is a quiet area with lots of palm trees, rocks and sandy beach possibilities it even has a abandonded tenniscourt that makes a great place to get some urban feel images to your shoot. But if you are looking for a remote place to take your familypicture without lots of tourists in the background this is the place to be. Divibeach has lots of white sand and a long wide beach area so if you would like to do a session similar to this one at this location don’t hesitate to contact us through our contact form.

It is such a blessing to photograph in Aruba. We recently visited Aruba again in between flights and this time we got arround to shoot some family photo’s and we super enjoyed photographing this little guy. We know from the last time that we photographed his moms pregnancy session that she was such a photogenic person that we knew that this little boy must had this genes passed through and that he would be so cool to photograph them. We definitly like to photograph little kids. They are super honest, sweet and a Delight to photograph. And this cutie was such a little man already. He wanted to see and expierence all together with mommy ofcourse. They look a like don’t you think? Both beautifull eyes and a playfull caracter. But the one thing he did not like was to stand or sit alone because of the vulcanic ground under his feet, (can’t blame him) Aruba is build on vulcanic ground that without flipflops or shoes can feel a little hard and tickily under your feet so everytime we tried to put him on the ground he wasn’t having it all all and wanted to be picked-up. So we decided to walk over to take some photo’s at the beach as this feeling was probably familiar for him so we had to chance to take some images of him alone. We are looking forward to seeing this guy grow up and walk arround next year!


Destiniation weddingphotography USA Pittsburg. This wedding took place in one of our bucketlist weddingvenues in Pittsburgh
The Old Opera building in Pittsburgh city.
This was one of the most unique weddings we did so far.
We loved the quirkiness (is that even a word?) and colorfull details that made this wedding very untraditional,
but that is why they flew us in. We arrived a day earlier to check out the weddingvenue and the places where we could take the bridal party.

Getting married in the Old Operahouse of Pittsburgh
This weddingvenue in downtown Pittsburgh fitted perfectly in their style. It was decorated with lots of beautifull flowers and lighting bulbs as if you where back in the 50’s
With life piano and emotional speeches this was a beautifull weddingceremony  after the ceremony we went with the bridal party to take there portraits.

Photoshoot in Randyland Allegheny west Pittsburg city area
This couple really loved colorfull and playfull scenery and we definitly found this in Randyland.
This was for sure one of those sights you would never visit when you are a just a tourist but this weddingcouple really loved this place
for us it was a joy to see this local piece of awesomness (is that also a word?).

Weddingreception and Dinner in the Old Operahouse Pittsburgh
After the photoshoot we got back to the weddingreception venue that was transformed into a beautifull decorated dinningspace where they had their reception, dinner and party.
This space is so cool for a weddingphotographer because it aloud us to photograph from the balcony.
After the wedding we decided to stay for a couple of days and explore the city, that is the upside of being a destination photographer and we love that our weddingcouples bring us to the most beautifull places.


Destination wedding photography Saint Tropez France.
To photograph a wedding in the Southern of France was one of the highlights of our wedding season.
When Ernest and Ella contacted us to document their lovestory we where thrilled that we were able to fly out to Saint Tropez to capture it for them.
The wedding venue was located on a mountain in nothing less then a chateau for what appeared to be the rich and famous.
It was one of the most beautifull chateaus that we ever seen and stayed in. Maybe because it was our first chateau and the first time in Saint Tropez?
but we could not imagine another chateau more beautifull then this one.  It was a perfect Sunny day in de mediterrane and we could not have wished for a better temperture.